23 Oct

The soul pours out

upon the ground

in long terse refrain

beauty is as beauty was

long lost without a name


prayer of the vigil

such silliness indeed

frailty upon the hook

of hypocrisies


Bring the curtain fully down

the day will surely come

light upon the crooked trail

what will be is done



Modern Text

29 Jul

Leave me now my broken heart

Take your sadness away

Stand up strong once again

face the new day

All you are

All you’ve been

the memory of the past

Some do care

Some do not

Some never will

Thus, we carry on.


27 Jul

Nothing special/no one to see

the thread not weaved

into the tapestry

Color of chemistry is not right

substance far to lean

abusive in the shimmering light

fabric best left out of sight

Foolish the entreaty

from sweat on the brow

A fool a cad in disarray

for the cats gleeful play

So stuck ye with the silent knife

bleed profusely, but spare the life

a separate tapestry

weaved on the side


Never reaching the intended goal

Insanity of lies to curse the mortal soul

To believe such folly

as a brainless pit

The tapestry weaved

thread left out of it

Wrong so believed

what once was a dream

Lover in a Dream

23 Jul

Forever and a day
Ignorance in bliss
So far away
The eternal kiss
Where the fire flies
Into the realm of mind
Sadness in a lonely world
The kiss left behind
Then to be as never known
Through the centuries as we’ve grown
We wish to find the one now missed
So empty lies barren
The eternal kiss
The lover is there
The world so plainly see’s
Yet lost in the foggy mist
Times buried eternal kiss
Row on rower
Feel the rhythm of the drum
Be yourself eternal sun
Find and hold that very one
So Innocuous and empty
The heat of the day is through
Are you where I found you?
Are you truly you?


20 Jul


With the lonely

All in one

All to be

Missed you so often

Lonely in my fear

Rarely speaking of the truth

What was held

So very near

Twisted tales

Of smokescreen lure

Mundane prattle

You endure

Then to see

The light flickers begin

Happy how free

They shine again

One’s breath now makes

This story unfold

One’s breath of love

As the story that’s told

For darkness to close

The human eye

No more to live

The human




15 Jul

It was gone

She was glad

What a nuisance it really was

It crept in


Such a pain in the side it was

Now it was gone,

Not seen at all

What a beautiful change of plans

No more it

No none at all

Such a wonderful day

It is not.

Once What Was

22 Jun

Rhyming meter

mortal law

won’t break through

what the past saw.


What once was

forgotten from inside

lost in mystery.

connection not identified


So confusing to contemplate

why such must be so,

So confusing to try so hard

but never can let go.


Search for a connection

to that link so strong inside,

Misunderstood in reasoning

connection is denied.


Locked into turmoil

search the psyche of the mind.

Once what was

now left behind


This won’t be changed

Psyche seems to say

The past is gone

Just like today

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